Google Shopping Feed Management

Google Shopping Management

Google shopping is a marketplace where people search products from big or small retailers. Shopping campaigns are used for product listing and very much effective method to promote your product on Google. With product listing people can grab information about products such as price, description with high quality images. You can organize your shopping campaigns in Google merchant center. Google does not charge for listing of products in Google Shopping.

 Google Merchant Feed Management

Google Merchant Feed Management

Products Shopping Feed Creation

Creating a Google Compatible product feed is a major task for any website with e-commerce platform. Product feed is a file which contains all the information regarding your product which you will sell. Data feed or product feed allow customers to find your products and related information such as size, price, availability and so on. We will manage all that for you and create your data feed according to guidelines of Google either you have big business or small.

Products Shopping Feed Optimization

After creating compatible product feed the next step is optimization. Better optimized feed is helpful in searching your products on Google shopping and placement of your ads. With optimized product feed you can get top position in search results. We optimize product feed for each and every item you sell.

Products Auto Feed Management

If you are running an e-commerce store and using a CMS such as Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Bigcommerce  etc. then with the help of relevant Google Shopping Plugin you can manage the Google Shopping Feeds on Automation. PPC Melbourne can assist you for setup auto feed management for you online store.